Journey Information

Deciding which airport to fly into can often be a simple case of choosing the most convenient flight from your local airport in the UK. You may find that the cost of the flight is the deciding factor but it's also important to understand the geography of where you'll arrive as well.

The information below is designed to give you our informed opinion as to the journey times, road types and reliability of the travel hubs we service.

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By far the most popular destination we service. Over 90% of our clients currently fly into or out of Geneva Airport.

It’s an incredibly scenic journey as you can no doubt imagine. On average, the journey time is a little over two hours for the 135km to resort.

The route takes you away from Geneva via the motorway to Annecy. We then travel south along the shores of Lake Annecy and then onto the town of Albertville. Once in Moutiers it's just a short climb to resort.



A modern and efficient airport but a considerable distance from resort. Flights are limited but British Airways and Easyjet offer several each day from the UK in particular.

The majority of the transfer is via motorway and is approximately 200km from door-to-door. The transfer takes approximately two hours if the roads remain clear.

Regrettably, there can be a great deal of traffic during the month of February and peak holiday times throughout Europe where journey times can be significantly longer.

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A relatively short transfer taking less than an hour and a half on average. It's a fantastic place to fly into if all goes to plan. However, our experience is that it often doesn’t and flights can be significantly delayed.

Disruption can be widespread due to many factors including localised bad weather, overcrowding in the airport and a general lack of information available to passengers. Our suggestion would be to avoid on a Saturday.

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Often seen as an attractive option with Easyjet and Ryan Air offering cheap flights from the UK. Again, most of the journey is via motorway as it’s a long way from here to resort. Please don’t be fooled into thinking that Grenoble Airport is close to Grenoble.

We only carry out Grenoble transfers from Monday to Friday as a rule, due to our focus on the other airports at the weekend. However, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your Saturday or Sunday requests as we will endeavour to do so wherever possible.

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Eurostar and TGV - Moutiers Station

A very popular transport hub due to its close proximity to resort. There is a direct Eurostar service from London twice each Saturday throughout the winter.

Moutiers Les Salins is within 30 minutes drive from many of the villages within the Courchevel and Meribel valleys. Prices start from just 15€ per person and you will avoid all major hold-ups en route during the busiest weekends on the roads during the season.

However, online bookings are not available for this journey so please contact us to see if we can accommodate your particular dates.

This service is not available to resorts within the Val Thorens valley unfortunately.

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